Our Services

Personalized Services
to meet the daily living needs of our clients so that they can regain or maintain their independence at home or within an assisted living setting.

Palliative Services focused on serving and comforting clients and families as symptoms of a chronic disease or disorder progresses.

Hospice Services for those clients experiencing end stage symptoms of a disease or disorder – all in the comfort of their home or assisted living setting.

Our Commitment
Aging brings changes to us all. As a loved one begins their aging in place experience, it is important to plan for the changes that will happen to them and consider what impacts these changes will have on their lives and those closest to them. For so many of us there comes a time when someone we love needs more care than we can give. 

Adrienne’s Home Care, a private, independent and insured home care agency provides the required continuum of care enabling your loved ones to age in place.

Working together as a team we implement a personalized and evolving plan of care that focuses on maximizing the well being and greatest level of dignity and independence for those in need.
Our Team
  • Over 25 years experience in customer care and home care
  • Highly skilled, state certified Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides
  • Expert in developing living care plans and delivering expert care
  • Hands-on case management
  • Ongoing training in palliative and dementia care